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Male Nurses Make the Grade

29 Sep
Carhartt scrub top

This handsome men’s color-block scrub top is from Carhartt.

Men make up a little less than 10% of the nursing population, while just over 13% of the population in nursing schools are male. Their numbers are growing. And they are proving they can do the job as well as their female counterparts but male nurses still face discrimination.

A scrub jacket can look just as good as a suit jacket. This one is from Landau.

A scrub jacket can look just as good as a suit jacket. This one is from Landau.ale 

About 70% of the male nurse population say stereotypes are their biggest challenge as nurses. Men who choose to be nurses are helping to break traditional health care stereotypes of male doctors and female nurses. They have to repeatedly prove that they can be as caring and nurturing as their female counterparts.

The IguanaMed Men's Scrub Top is ideal for the nurse-on-the-go.

The IguanaMed Men’s Scrub Top is ideal for the nurse-on-the-go.

One area where they dominate is in the military. Men fill a third of military nursing positions.The poet Walt Whitman actually volunteered as a nurse during the Civil War.

Let’s face it, men who choose to become nurses are making a smart career choice. The demand for nurses continue to grow and starting salaries are high.

So we salute “murses” everywhere and welcome them in ever-increasing numbers to the demanding but rewarding nursing profession!


4 Ways Busy Nursing Students Can Save Time and Money

20 Feb

To become a nurse, you have to make a huge commitment. With class time, clinicals and exams, you’re not going to have much spare time. You’re also going to have to purchase textbooks, scrubs and other supplies.

To help you save time and money, we’ve got tips on where you will find the best prices on the supplies you need.

  1. Textbooks: Be smart, you don’t have to buy your nursing textbooks at full price. Buying textbooks used or renting them online will save you a lot of cash. At, you’ll find all of your required nursing texts available used, new, and digitally as eTextbooks.  When you’re done with your nursing degree, you can make some money back by selling your used books to!
  2. lab coatLab coats: Another must-have. Allheart has a wide variety of basic lab coat styles at everyday low and discount prices like the WonderWink Student Lab Coat. With the money you save, get your name embroidered on your lab coat for a personal touch that will also prevent loss or theft.
  3. Scrubs: Shop smart, get the best value in classic scrub tops, pants and sets by selecting quality brands designed for durability, like the Cherokee Workwear Unisex V-Neck 3-Pocket Solid Scrub Top. It looks great on everyone and will last as long as you need it to.
  4. Stethoscopes: You don’t want to skimp on quality when you purchase your first stethoscope, but when you’re a student, you also need a great price. With folks like you in mind, allheart offers a full line of high quality, discount stethoscopes.


Follow these tips for saving time and money and move to the head of your nursing school class! You’ll have the quality tools you need for your training and you’ll still have some happy coins jingling in your pockets.

It’s National Nurse Practitioners Week

13 Nov

nurse practictionerThis week we salute nurse practitioners! As licensed, expert clinicians, nurse practitioners have an increasingly vital role to play in our health system.

With a health care provider shortage at the top of the national agenda, nurse care practitioners are prepared to provide high-quality, cost-effective, comprehensive, patient-centered care to patients across the country. Already, more than 916 million visits are made to Nurse Practitioners every year.

National Nurse Practitioner Week, November 10-16, 2013, is a time to celebrate the more than 171,000 licensed nurse practitioners in the United States. NP’s provide primary, acute and specialty health care services and partner with their patients, guiding them to make educated health care decisions and healthy lifestyle choices.

nurse practictioner pin

Show a nurse practitioner your appreciation this week with something thoughtful from allheart’s selection of gifts and accessories. This Prestige Medical gold-plated tac pin would be a thoughtful gift for your favorite NP or for yourself!

Scrubs That Show Your Holiday Spirit

11 Nov

The holiday spirit is in the air and you can add to the fun with a scrub top in a seasonal print or color.

Celebrate the winter season with this beautiful White Swan scrub top or this sporty White Cross scrub top, each with a snowflake print.


If you want a top with a Christmas theme, this cotton V-neck from Peaches features a Santa and snowman print and even sparkles with extra glitter.


Here’s an adorable Tooniforms scrub top from Cherokee that features Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and a little holiday romance!


And if you’re looking for a top that has a holiday feel but can be worn all year long, this flattering Cherokee Flexibles top is the perfect choice in a sophisticated green geometric print.


Guys look great in green, too. Here’s a Cherokee Workwear V-neck in hunter green.

men's green

Allheart has lots more seasonal scrub tops to choose from.

It’s Fall, Layer for a Brand New Look!

16 Oct

Chilly weather gives you an opportunity to refresh your look with layers! A few new layers that you can mix and match and you’ll feel like you have a whole new wardrobe.


Underscrub T-shirts are available in many rich colors and cool textures. Layer a tee under your scrub top and you can create all sorts of pretty color combinations. Go for a tone-on-tone look, put a 1_ln-s102001stg_750rich fall color over a classic white, long sleeve T-shirt. Here’s the Crocs Women’s Crackle Long Sleeve Underscrub layered under the Vickie V-Neck Solid Scrub Top) or go bold and layer a fall neutral over a hot pink. This mensis Smitten’s V-Neck Yoke Solid Scrub Top layered over the Long-Sleeve Crewneck Underscrub.

Layers look great on guys as well. You’ll be echoing the latest runway looks if you layer a light color over a darker one. Here’s the White Swan Fundamentals Men’s Everything Solid Top layered over the White Swan Fundamentals Men’s Long Sleeve Underscrub.

Don’t overlook scrub warm ups. Scrub jackets are also available in many rich and versatile colors, or consider the latest prints for up-to-the-minute jacket1_pe-8657---printins_750style. Here’s the Cherokee Workwear Women’s Stretch Warm Up Solid Scrub Jacket you can layer on in beautiful solid colors. The Med Couture Women’s Print Warm Up Jacket let’s you add a beautiful print to your uniform.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

23 Sep
Breast Cancer Awareness pink ribbon print scrub top

This pretty, playful, pink-ribbon print scrub top comes from the Koi Happiness collection.

Most of us are aware of Breast Cancer. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the National Breast Cancer Foundation reminds women they should have a plan to detect the disease in its early stages, and that everyone should encourage women they know to create such a plan.

You can learn how to create an early detection plan, get more information about the disease and treatment, or learn about hosting a fundraiser to provide mammograms to women in need at the Foundation’s website.

You can help promote awareness by wearing your pink ribbon scrubs and accessories during the month of October. There are many flattering and eye-catching items included in allheart’s huge selection. Wearing them shows your support for the cause and gives you a way to open a discussion about Breast Cancer Awareness with your patients and co-workers.

See some of our favorite scrubs and accessories with a Breast Cancer Awareness theme on Pinterest.

Get Wild With Exotic Animal Prints

5 Aug

animal print scrub top

Bring your wild side to work!  Wearing an on-trend animal print scrub top is a subtle way to let everyone know you’re a little bit fierce, and allheart offers a large selection of functional and comfortable styles.

Large animal prints have become a fashion staple, so for a classy and classic look, opt for large animal prints in traditional colors, like this print scrub top from Baby Phat.

For a contemporary look, choose animal prints in bright colors, like a Cherokee Tooniforms top that blends Hello Kitty with a cheetah print, or a cheetah print mock-wrap top from Koi Happiness scrubs in a beautiful blue.

1_ck-6751---printhkc_375 Koi Happiness mock wrap scrub top