Brand Feature: Wink Scrubs

6 Sep

Looking for something to beat the “Back-to-School Blues”? Treat yourself with a festive top from Wink! Since it’s after Labor Day, (and you don’t want to commit a white fashion faux-pas) we suggest checking out their variety of colorful scrubs. They strive to create fresh and exciting clothing, all with fabrics than can be easily cared for.

One of my favorites is the Tossed Pocket Scrub Top. It’s a bold mix of zebra and paisley prints, and the different shades of blue are extremely eye-catching. I’m also a big fan of the Charlie Y-Neck Mock Wrap Top. It has a stylish, contrasting neckline and pockets to hold your gear. I like the Hot Pink w/Pewter Trim version, but there are plenty of other color combos to choose from too. We know your budget is tight after spending all that money on books and supplies, so we have a great clearance section with tops just $17.99 and under. These fun and comfy scrubs are worth a look, click here to view our entire Wink collection!


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