All-Star Sale Giveaway Winners!

19 Jul

In honor of our All-Star Sale, we have two daily winners who each will receive a $50 allheart Gift Certificate.  Here is the list of winners from the past five drawings:

Day One (07/14):
-Temilola S.  (New Jersey)
-Tami S.  (New Hampshire)

Day Two (7/15):
-Minimol M.  (Michigan)
-Angela M.  (California)

Day Three (7/16)
-Linda S.  (Illinois)
-Amber M.  (Arkansas)

Day Four (7/17)
-Tahiyyah M.  (Mississippi)
-Stephanie H.  (Louisiana)

Day Five (7/18):
-Kathleen A  (Massachusetts)
-Dianne C.  (Pennsylvania)

Congratulations to all our winners so far, enjoy shopping in our store!  We still have more allheart Gift Certificates to give away.  Click here to enter the drawing.  Remember you can enter once per day, so keep those entries coming!


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