National Blood Donation Month

23 Jan

This post was originally going to be about National Blood Donation Month. I wanted to encourage you to donate blood and help those in need. But, in the wake of the Haitian Earthquake tragedy, the always important need for blood donations seems even more urgent.

There I was, getting ready for work this morning as CNN told the story of a 15 day old baby who’s mother was killed in the earthquake, her father was too distraught to leave the house, and her uncle was literally running through the streets yelling for a doctor who could tend to the baby’s head injury. Doctor and reporter, Sanjay Gupta tended to her, but her story is one of literally millions right now.

Knowing that this month is National Blood Donation Month, I thought, surely blood donations are needed for Haiti. However, I discovered that is not the case. All blood requests at the present time are being met. Of course at the local level, there is always a need for blood, and I encourage you to donate this month, but I couldn’t help but wonder if the coincidence of a publicized month of donation requests could be helping with the fulfillment of blood needs in Haiti. Perhaps in a time of despair and need, our simple American publicity has actually been timely and useful.

While donation requests are currently being met, if you would like to donate blood to the Haitian disaster, all blood requests are being handled through the Armed Services Blood Program. There are only 20 blood donation centers in the US, but if you live near one, please consider donating to through them.


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