How to Prevent Winter Dry Hands

6 Jan

It’s Winter! Yet another season of hand washing that leads to the driest skin of the year. Nursing is notorious for being stressful on hands, and we are always on the lookout for new ways to protect our delicate skin. I’ve been looking at some options that I find particularly interesting, so I thought I’d share with you! I am sure there are some products here that you might not have thought of before!

Lotions to Swear By:

Cure, Targeted Therapy Fast Absorbing Hand & Cuticle Cream (drug stores everywhere)—This lotion helped me survive cold Chicago Winters. It makes skin feel hydrated immediately without feeling greasy, and doesn’t wash off through several hand washings.
True Blue Spa, Lay it on Thick (Bath and Body Works)—Made with Shea butter, this is thick and luxurious cream. It is fantastic for overnight hydrating. To really make the lotion absorb, try applying the lotion and then wearing thin cotton gloves to bed. You will wake up with deliciously soft skin!
Tips to Help Prevent Dry Skin:

  1. Don’t rub hands with paper towels. Pat hands dry.
  2. Apply lotion while hands are still damp. Your hands will absorb more lotion.
  3. Use lukewarm water, not hot water, to wash hands. Hot water will dry skin further.
  4. Consider a paraffin wax treatment at your favorite nail salon. They often only cost $5, and the wax moisturizes skin leaving your hands and cuticles supple and soft.
  5. Before bedtime, soak hands in lukewarm water containing bath oil for 10 minutes, pat hands almost dry (leave hands slightly damp) and then apply Lay it on Thick or another cream lotion.
  6. Try using a humidifier at night during the winter months. Hand washing in dries skin, but dry hot air in your home contributes to the problem. as well.

One Response to “How to Prevent Winter Dry Hands”

  1. John February 28, 2010 at 7:26 PM #

    I can never bring myself to turn on the humidifier in the winter time. But you are right. I’m sure it would help.

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