The Reality of H1N1 Prevention

13 Nov

As the flu season ramps up, hospitals and doctors’ offices are once again being inundated with potential flu patients. This season, however, the influx is greater than ever. Patients are nervous about H1N1, and their fear is filling waiting rooms. Waiting rooms full of people who don’t have H1N1u.

The CDC has created a laundry list of suggestions for how to prevent the spread of H1N1. They suggest everything from N95 respirator masks, hand sanitizer, and partitions in waiting areas, to ventilation systems and restricted visitation rules. The real question is, however, what is actually being implemented in facilities around the country. Has your hospital taken any drastic measures to minimize the spread of H1N1? Have you created a special triage plan? Or a partitioned waiting area? Are you limiting patient transport if they are suspected of having influenza? Has your hospital come up with any creative solutions that go above and beyond the CDC’s recommendations?

How have these changes impacted your daily work? Or has your routine been unaffected? Perhaps there are some good ideas out there that aren’t being shared between facilities that we could all use to the advantage of our hospitals, patients and staff.


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