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Mix It Up for Summer with Mixed Print Scrub Tops

6 Jun

Mixed prints are one of the top fashion trends this season. You don’t have to leave your love of style at home when you wear your nursing uniform to work. Pick one of these stylish mixed print tops and bring runway style to your workplace:

peaches 3

Peaches Uniforms Elastic Shirring Neckline Scrub Top

mary eng print 4

Mary Engelbreit Mock Wrap Print Scrub Top

toonie print 1

Cherokee Tooniforms Mock Wrap Print Scrub Top

toonie print 3

Tooniforms Softly Rounded Neck Print Scrub Top

Shop print scrub tops now and bring your scrub wardrobe up-to-date with the season’s hottest trend.

Emergency Medical Services for Children Day 2013

22 May


Wednesday, May 22 is a day dedicated to the unique needs of children in emergency situations.

Children respond differently than adults to illness and injury and have their own spectrum of diseases and injuries. Proper treatment calls for specific equipment, supplies, and medications that may not always be available in emergency systems designed for adults.

On this day during Emergency Medical Services week, EMS providers are setting aside time to focus on the unique needs of children and on advocating for proper preparation to handle childhood emergencies, including education, training, protocols and procedures.

At, we want to salute all EMS providers and, on this day, to say thanks to those who provide the special attention required by children.

For some medical equipment designed especially for treating children, we invite you to take a look at the great prices on our Pedia Pals products or our selection of high-quality pediatric stethoscopes.

Brighten Your Day with On-Trend Neons

20 May

You don’t have to ignore fashion trends when putting together your work uniform. allheart’s huge selection includes lots of quality products in neon colors, reflecting one of the hottest fashion trends.

Be bold and pick out your scrub basics in bright neons, like this classic V-neck scrub top from Cherokee. It is offered in a wide range of colors including hot pink, lime green and bright orange.

cherokee pinkcherokee green  cherokee orange

You’ll also see neon touches brightening bold prints like in this jewel neck scrub top from Cherokee Flexibles.cherokee butterflies

You can sport flashes of neon right down to your toes.  Check out these colorful nursing clogs from Koi by Sanita that will keep your feet comfortable and keep you in clog

pink stethoscope

You can even coordinate your uniform with neon accessories like this allheart discount Dual Head Stethoscope available in many colors, including fuchsia, or the Littmann Classic II Infant 28” Stethoscope offered in a range of colors that includes bright orange.

orange stethoscope

Be bold! Go bright. Explore neon scrubs and accessories from among allheart’s enormous selection. They’re all offered at prices we guarantee can’t be beat.

Start this holiday season with Halloween Prints!

16 Sep

With Halloween just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to start shopping allheart for fun, festive Halloween prints.

Some of your favorite scrub tops and jackets have been restyled with haunting holiday prints and patterns. With options that range from traditional Halloween wear to more subtle prints; allheart has something for everyone this Halloween.

AllHeart Exclusive Boutique V-Neck Halloween Print Scrub Top

With three great Halloween prints to choose from, our new boutique scrub top is a great choice. A nursing staple, this classic V-neck offers all the comfort and function you love from allheart, with festive and fun Halloween spirit.

Our Everyday Low Price $14.98, 2 for $28.98

Rylee Print Scrub Top by Koi

The Monster print offers a cute and fun option for Halloween wear. Perfect for pediatrics and versatile enough to wear year round these scary monsters are a bright and cheerful way to show your Halloween spirit.

Our Everyday Low Price $23.98

Shop these and other great scrubs at

4-NIGHT BAJA CRUISE Winner announced

24 Feb

Gilda from Michigan is the winner of the NRG Baja Cruise contest! and Barco has presented this promotion to introduce NRG scrubs. Be sure to take a look at other brands we carry by Barco including Grey’s Anatomy and Crayola Threads.

Contest 4 – Night Baja Cruise

Prize Includes:
• Round Trip airfare (from anywhere in the continental US)
• Ground Transportation to and from the airport
• All taxes/surcharges and fees

Sign up for our email list at to make sure you don’t miss our next contest.

National Blood Donation Month

23 Jan

This post was originally going to be about National Blood Donation Month. I wanted to encourage you to donate blood and help those in need. But, in the wake of the Haitian Earthquake tragedy, the always important need for blood donations seems even more urgent.

There I was, getting ready for work this morning as CNN told the story of a 15 day old baby who’s mother was killed in the earthquake, her father was too distraught to leave the house, and her uncle was literally running through the streets yelling for a doctor who could tend to the baby’s head injury. Doctor and reporter, Sanjay Gupta tended to her, but her story is one of literally millions right now.

Knowing that this month is National Blood Donation Month, I thought, surely blood donations are needed for Haiti. However, I discovered that is not the case. All blood requests at the present time are being met. Of course at the local level, there is always a need for blood, and I encourage you to donate this month, but I couldn’t help but wonder if the coincidence of a publicized month of donation requests could be helping with the fulfillment of blood needs in Haiti. Perhaps in a time of despair and need, our simple American publicity has actually been timely and useful.

While donation requests are currently being met, if you would like to donate blood to the Haitian disaster, all blood requests are being handled through the Armed Services Blood Program. There are only 20 blood donation centers in the US, but if you live near one, please consider donating to through them.

National Eye Care Month

9 Jan

January is National Eye Care Month, and the stats are flying at me fast and furious! This week, I thought I’d share with you some of the interesting statistics I’ve come across.

According to the Vision Council of America (2006), of the total adult American population:

• 64.0 percent use eyeglasses
• 19.0 percent use contact lenses some of the time
• 85.6 percent use non-prescription sunglasses
• 14.0 percent use pre-made “drugstore” reading glasses
• 12.1 percent use clips for sunglasses
• 4.4 percent use computer glasses

From these statistics, it’s clear that eyewear touches the lives of nearly everyone in the United States. More than 2/3 of the U.S. population wear glasses, alone!

Eyewear is just the tip of the eye care iceberg, though. Millions of people are impacted by eye problems, injuries and diseases every year.

For instance, over the age of 40, 20 million people have a cataract in one or both eyes, and 2.2 million are affected by open-angle glaucoma. 1.8 million Americans over the age of 40 have Macular Degeneration.

Thousands of Americans encounter eye problems due to injury, as well! Of the 9,000 people injured by fireworks each year, 30% incur an eye injury, and 25% involve vision loss or blindness.

Lack of proper protective eyewear causes thousands of injuries each year. In the workplace, 2,000 workers experience job-related eye injuries each year. While playing sports, 42,000 eye injuries occur each year. But maybe most interestingly, from 1998 to 2000, eye injuries due to paintball guns rose from 545 to 1200 injuries a year—More than doubling the injury rate!

All of these statistics lead me to one conclusion. Although we often take our vision for granted, it is certainly not something to be taken lightly. This month of eye care acknowledgement certainly offers us an opportunity to pause, pay attention to what we are lucky enough to see around us, and of course, schedule an appointment with our favorite eye care professionals!

But perhaps you are one such professional already, and I am preaching to the choir! Well, then may I please direct you to the Welch Allyn Ophthalmoscope area of our website?


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