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How to Prevent Winter Dry Hands

6 Jan

It’s Winter! Yet another season of hand washing that leads to the driest skin of the year. Nursing is notorious for being stressful on hands, and we are always on the lookout for new ways to protect our delicate skin. I’ve been looking at some options that I find particularly interesting, so I thought I’d share with you! I am sure there are some products here that you might not have thought of before!

Lotions to Swear By:

Cure, Targeted Therapy Fast Absorbing Hand & Cuticle Cream (drug stores everywhere)—This lotion helped me survive cold Chicago Winters. It makes skin feel hydrated immediately without feeling greasy, and doesn’t wash off through several hand washings.
True Blue Spa, Lay it on Thick (Bath and Body Works)—Made with Shea butter, this is thick and luxurious cream. It is fantastic for overnight hydrating. To really make the lotion absorb, try applying the lotion and then wearing thin cotton gloves to bed. You will wake up with deliciously soft skin!
Tips to Help Prevent Dry Skin:

  1. Don’t rub hands with paper towels. Pat hands dry.
  2. Apply lotion while hands are still damp. Your hands will absorb more lotion.
  3. Use lukewarm water, not hot water, to wash hands. Hot water will dry skin further.
  4. Consider a paraffin wax treatment at your favorite nail salon. They often only cost $5, and the wax moisturizes skin leaving your hands and cuticles supple and soft.
  5. Before bedtime, soak hands in lukewarm water containing bath oil for 10 minutes, pat hands almost dry (leave hands slightly damp) and then apply Lay it on Thick or another cream lotion.
  6. Try using a humidifier at night during the winter months. Hand washing in dries skin, but dry hot air in your home contributes to the problem. as well.

Scrubs Fashionista

5 Dec

I read an article a few days ago about ideas for jazzing up your scrub wardrobe. Wearing monochromatic scrubs can get rather monotonous, and after reading this article, I thought I would put my style talents to work. Since Cherokee makes great scrubs that appeal to almost everyone, I took advantage. I love Cherokee scrubs for the same reasons you probably do. They always seem to have a great fit, wash well, and there is a style for just about everything and everyone!

So without further ado, here is my attempt at working as a Scrubs Fashionista!

How about this V-Neck top in the Eco Floral Pattern with these cute straight legged cargo pants in chocolate brown?

Or check out this “keyhole” top. It looks like a classic tunic with the mild v-neck and side vents. It would look great paired with these “Touch” drawstring cargo pants in turquoise. These pants have the added benefit of being soft as can be!

Here’s another cut I really like from Cherokee—the empire waist top. Pair this top in the “Papavero” or “Modern Dot” print with these low-rise flare leg scrub pants in black and you could almost stop at a happy hour on your way home from work!

What is your favorite Cherokee inspired outfit?

Cyber Gift Guide

26 Nov

I’m getting ready for Cyber Monday! Each year, my mother and I go shopping on Black Friday, braving the crowds to find a few bargains that we just can’t live without, but this year I’m adding Cyber Monday to my shopping list.

This year I have two new friends to buy gifts for. One is a nursing student, and one has recently started her career as a pediatric nurse. I’ve been debating what to get them, and in the process I have come up with some fun ideas. I thought you might be interested in my little shopping guide, too!

For the Nursing Student:

The Skeleton Clipboard—My friend Stephanie and I recently played trivia at our local bar. Our team declared her our science and anatomy expert. A little nod to that fun with this clipboard would be a nice way to remind her of her friends while she’s working.

Lumbar Vertebra Mug—Sometimes humor and beauty do cross over. There is something about this mug that both makes me smile and look closer. The handle of this mug could be a sculpture at the MOMA! And it’s just weird enough that her coworkers won’t walk off with it by accident!

Personalized Scrub Top—The school colors for Stephanie’s alma mater are black and red. I think my favorite gift option this year is a personalized, embroidered black and red scrub top. On game days she can wear her team colors to work in a subtle, but fun way!

For the Pediatric Nurse:

Tiger Stethoscope Cover—I almost didn’t have to do any further looking when I found this stethoscope cover! I can just see Becky using that tiger to calm down a young patient.
Frog Pen Light—This frog pen light is so endearing! Becky is terrific with kids regardless of whether she has a frog on her pen light, but I can imagine Hoppy enhancing her endearing ways.

“Love Your Heart” Tote—I love this bag as a work tote. You know those days that you need to carry a change of clothes, your lunch, an extra pair of shoes, and five other things to work? This bag would be perfect for those days!

Also visit’s Gift Guide for more ideas.


The Pulse November Contest!

6 Nov

Oh what stories you could tell! Well, here’s your chance. Each month, The Pulse wants to hear your best anecdotes. We’ll give you a topic of interest, you give us your best quick thinking, and you get a chance to be heard here on The Pulse. The writer of our favorite wisdom will receive a $50 to spend at!

This month, we want to know: If you were to give a nursing student one piece of advice, what would it be?

Please add a comment with your reply to this post. (Click here post your comment)

Women of All Shapes and Sizes

27 Oct

I just came back from a much needed, and rarely had treat – a manicure and pedicure. Part of the fun in blocking out the world while someone else tackles my hands and feet is the chance to indulge in magazines I never have time to read. As I sunk into the massaging chair and dunked my feet in the swirling water, I started flipping through the pages of the November 2nd issue of People. The first thing that grabbed me was a short blurb on a model who is 5’10, 120 pounds and, according to People Magazine, was fired by Ralph Lauren because she was too large to fit into the sample clothes used in their ads. She is considered too heavy to be a model at a size 4. Too heavy to be a model at a size 4? Have we lost our minds?

As nurses we see women and men of all shapes and sizes and we know that the average woman isn’t a size 0 (how can you be no size at all?). In fact, Wonderquest says the average American woman is just shy of 5’4 and weighs 152 pounds – about a size 14. I’m not commenting about the obesity epidemic in the United States, just the idea that a woman who is 5’10 and 120 lbs could be considered too heavy to model.

So, why aren’t “real women” in our magazines? Next in my pile happened to be the November issue of Glamour where I discovered a “plus-size” model, Lizzie Miller, had been making headlines all over the news because of an almost nude picture in the September issue of Glamour where you see her not so flat belly. A real women’s belly! After getting all kinds of positive attention, Glamour did a photo shoot for their November issue with 7 “plus-size” models. To Glamour’s credit, apparently they had used 6 of these 7 women in the past (and plan to continue the trend). Almost all had stories of starving themselves to fit into the size 0 world of modeling.

After devouring this article, I read the editor’s column. On that page they showed models through the years that included Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor – true beauties and women who were on the cover of many magazines in the ‘40’s and ‘50’s. Today, Ms. Monroe and Ms. Taylor would be “plus-sized”…How wonderful it would be to transition the American mindset back to this sort of beauty.

What are your thoughts on how we persuade more magazines to follow Glamour’s lead?


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